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Asbestos & Renovations

Renovating? Need Asbestos Disposal?

Don’t endanger yourself, your family or your neighbours by trying to remove or demolish asbestos yourself.

We are licensed to carry out any removal or disposal work safely. Only a licensed asbestos contractor can dispose of asbestos at Council’s waste facilities.

  • Asbestos disposal bags & waste removal
  • Dispose of asbestos
  • Transport asbestos
  • Asbestos cement disposal
  • Asbestos site cleanups
  • Asbestos Inspections & Reporting Services
  • We also provide Home Renovations & Demolition Services

If left untouched, asbestos products poses no danger, however if any Asbestos products are disturbed or broken you do need to act. 


Cleaning, cutting or sanding can also release hazardous asbestos fibres.
These fibres can lodge in the airways, lungs or stomach and increase the chances of developing asbestosis, (scarring of lung tissue) mesothelioma or lung cancer.
To remove asbestos products poses significant health risks. So don’t touch it, or try to move it yourself.

If you think it is Asbestos, it probably is, so act quickly. Do not try to remove it yourself. Leave it to the professionals.

Where was asbestos used?

Asbestos products were widely used in Australia prior to the 80’s.

The common uses include:

  • Guttering, roof sheeting, gables and capping
  • Vinyl sheet flooring
  • Wall sheeting (such as the weatherboard and flat styles)
  • Tile and carpet underlay
  • Fencing, sheds and carports
  • Telecommunication pits
  • Water membranes
  • Concrete formwork and some forms of window putty
  • Flexible building boards and zelemite backing boards
  • Expansion joints, imitation brick cladding, and packing under beams

A News Report in July 2016 claimed that asbestos is still reaching Australian building materials from China.

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