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Commercial Asbestos Removal

Are you a business owner worried about asbestos in your premises? It’s time to take action. Xbestos is one of the leading specialists in asbestos removal from commercial properties.

Why choose Xbestos for Commercial Asbestos Removal?

Xbestos have a team of professionals fully licensed for removing asbestos containing material safely and properly complying with latest Australian standards and regulations. Asbestos are present in older commercial structures and their removal is best done by a licensed contractor specialised in commercial asbestos handling and disposal.

Our commercial asbestos removal team conduct asbestos inspections and assessments before embarking on removal and disposal. Our survey points out the areas which have asbestos containing material that needs to be removed. Some areas may have asbestos dust which is especially dangerous when inhaled and may require appropriate equipment for removal for which we are fully trained and have the necessary tools to remove it safely.

Our commercial asbestos removal specialists use appropriate safety equipment like protective suits and respirators for handling any asbestos containing materials. We make sure that the asbestos materials are removed thoroughly. All asbestos wastes are double bagged and labeled for transport from the property in accordance with safety regulations. Then the area is finally inspected to ensure that no asbestos containing material residue are left behind.

The commercial area is then verified to ensure that the premises are safe to use and free from any asbestos containing material. Make use of our fully certified and professional team of asbestos removal specialists to ensure a safe work environment for you and your colleagues and reduce liability for you. We can identify any asbestos containing material in your commercial structure and remove and dispose off it safely and securely.

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Do you have an office, shop or factory with asbestos linings or cladding? Are you worried about staff and customers' health?

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